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second gen arab living in canada.
nice to meet'cha.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAAYYYYY MARINAasdGALSKJDfALKSHGD ! ! ! ! ! I wanted to draw you some 6918 but alexie persuaded me out of it no doubt for certain personal reasons BUT OHWELL
wow now you are such old \ o / sorry no butts here UNFORTUNATELY …maybe next time !! !
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"You gotta give the money to Karen, ‘kay?"
Craig’s new project. A snuff movie. And there’s only one guy who would accept the main role.
-you’re all lucky I can’t write cause I’d be the most depressing writer of the fandom-
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Oh geeze sorry for another unfinished drawing. :’D I wanted to finish this up but I’m so behind on commissions that I just can’t (I have four more to go now). xD Also I was like “WHY AM I EVEN DRAWING THIS, THIS IS POINTLESS.” But then I was like “BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I DO, I DO POINTLESS THINGS”.
I don’t know really I just wanted to draw Cartman and Kyle asdfghjkl; Just that part in the upper left hand corner. And Kyle’s face too. This is just kind of a…. smash up of just whatever.
And as much as I love drawing Kyle’s jacket, it’s also the most irritating thing ever.
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……OMG what have i done at midnightヾ(。・ω・。)
I just like STYLE and STAIG so much and….this is so not happening actually…._(:з」∠)_
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For Gerlinda137
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Craig/Tweek for everyone who requested Creek. SORRY, THERE WERE SO MANY, I DIDN’T KNOW WHICH PROMPT TO PICK SPECIFICALLY…………. :(
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I’m falling down Falling through oceans of clouds Only fallen angels sing this loud
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